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Previous sessions for Boston University School of Law

Anupam Roy graduated with an LLM in Banking and Financial Law from Boston University in 2011. After graduation, he worked with leading law firms in India such as Trilegal and Phoenix Legal. Anupam is currently working as an independent practitioner.

About the session


What's covered in this session

  • How to build your profile for a banking law career

  • Choosing programs in banking law

  • Boston University vs George Washington University for banking law

  • Shortlisting universities for banking programs

  • Pros and cons of attending BU Law

  • Who is BU Law's banking LLM designed for?

  • Role played by work experience

  • Applying right out of law school vs in the middle of your career

  • What kind of work experience should you get?

  • Courses taught at BU Law 

  • How does a banking LLM help in your home country?

  • The value of JD vs LLM

  • Does an LLM in building a career in academia?

  • Job opportunities after an LLM in banking law

  • Challenges faced by international students in finding jobs

  • Networking opportunities at BU Law

  • How can you convert internships into jobs?

  • General vs Specialized LLM for job prospects

  • Opportunities in banking law outside the US

  • US vs Europe for jobs in banking law

  • How has the LLM at BU helped Anupam's career?

  • Advice for students interested in banking law

  • Can international students take the the Massachusetts bar exam?

  • Do country-specific desks at law firms require a bar license?

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