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Previous sessions for Boston University School of Law

Apoorva Panda graduated with an LLM in Tax Law from Boston University School of Law in 2022, and is currently working as an Advanced Analyst with EY.


Prior to joining BU Law, Apoorva was most recently working as a Senior Legal Executive with Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited. 

About the session


What's covered in this session

  • How to build your profile for a career in tax law

  • Activities to pursue during an LLM in tax law

  • Building your CV during your undergraduate studies

  • Certification courses in tax law

  • Role played by publications

  • What's the role of work experience at BU Law?

  • Role played by professional qualifications for a career in tax law

  • The Graduate Tax Program at BU Law

  • Apoorva's reasons for choosing BU Law

  • Is work experience mandatory for BU Law?

  • How can you get a work permit in the in the US?

  • Optional Practical Training and visa requirements

  • Classroom experience and curriculum at BU law

  • How is law school life in the US different form India?

  • Can you write the bar after a BU Law LLM?

  • Empoyment opportunities after a tax LLM

  • Placement assistance provided by BU law

  • Tax Attorneys Recruitment Event at BU Law

  • Challenges faced by international students

  • General vs. Specialized LLM for job prospects

  • Boosting your employment prospects

  • Feasibility of JD+LLM programs

  • Employment opportunities in other countries

  • Working at EY

  • Recruitment process at EY

  • Apoorva's role and responsibilities at EY

  • Benefits of a tax law LLM from BU law

  • Can you fill the BU LLM application on your own?

  • What kind of work do you do at the Big 4 firms?

  • What's the role of the GPA and SOP in an LLM application?

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