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Previous sessions for Columbia Law School


About the session

Hosted by Gudny Ragna Ragnarsdottir. Gudny is an LLM candidate at Columbia Law School and is also a recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in law and her Magister Juris from the University of Iceland. Before joining Columbia Law School, Gudny was working in the field of competition law in Brussels.

What's covered in this session

  • University/course selection

  • Process of shortlisting universities

  • LLM programs in corporate law

  • Reasons for choosing Columbia

  • US vs. Europe for an LLM from the perspective of job opportunities

  • Harvard vs. Columbia

  • Application process for Columbia

  • Writing the personal statement for Columbia

  • Building a CV for an LLM in corporate law 

  • What kind of grades do you need for Columbia? 

  • Can you make up for average grades with work experience? 

  • Work experience required for Columbia 

  • Scholarship opportunities

  • Financial aid offered by Columbia

  • Application process for the Fulbright Scholarship

  • Writing the personal statement for the Fulbright Scholarship

  • Employment opportunities

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