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Previous sessions for Cornell Law School

Hosted by Jayant Malik. Jayant graduated with an LLM from Cornell Law School in 2019. He's currently working with the dispute resolution team at S&R Associates at their New Delhi office . You can read more about the host on his LinkedIn profile.

About the session


What's covered in this session

  • Building your CV for LLM applications 

  • Shortlisting universities 

  • Obtaining letters of recommendation 

  • Cost of studying at Cornell

  • Scholarship opportunities 

  • Financial aid 

  • Employment opportunities after graduation 

  • Jayant's internship experience at the International Chamber of Commerce

  • Visa considerations 

  • US vs. Europe for job opportunities 

  • Benefits of the New York and California bar exam in other jurisdictions 

  • Challenges in securing employment after an LLM

  • Advantages of being a JD student 

  • Language barriers in international arbitration 

  • Issues in qualifying as a lawyer in Europe 

  • Staying back in the US to look for a job 

  • Working in India after getting an LLM

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