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Previous sessions for Tel Aviv University

Orit Gontmaher is the Admissions and Marketing Director of the Parasol Foundation International LLM program at Tel Aviv University. 

Shardool Kulkarni
is an LL.M. candidate specializing in International Law and Human Rights at Tel Aviv University. After obtaining his bachelor's degree in law from SVKM’s Pravin Gandhi College of Law, University of Mumbai, in 2019, he worked as a Junior Advocate in the Chambers of Dr. Abhinav Chandrachud.

About the session


What's covered in this session

  • Importance of the CV in the application

  • How is the CV evaluated by the AdCom?

  • What makes a CV stand out to the AdCom?

  • What kind of grades do you need for TAU?

  • Academic achievements that should be mentioned

  • Can a well-rounded profile make up for bad grades?

  • How much work experience do you need?

  • What kind of work experience should you include?

  • How to avoid clutter in your CV

  • How to draft the personal statement for TAU

  • Should you apply right out of law school?

  • How does the AdCom consider publications?

  • Do journal articles have more value than a blog?

  • How should you mention publications in the CV?

  • Where to get published for international law?

  • What's the value of volunteer work in the CV?

  • Which co-curricular activities should you mention?

  • Should you include extra-curricular achievements?

  • How to present your work experience in your SOP?

  • What is the ideal length of the CV?

  • Best practices for formatting the CV

  • Essential details to be included in the CV

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