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Hosted by Sunishth Goyal. Sunishth completed his undergraduate studies from NALSAR, Hyderabad in 2019, after which he worked as an advocate in Punjab.

He is currently studying at Maastricht University, where he was awarded the fully-funded UM - Holland High Potential Scholarship to pursue an LLM with a focus on Criminal Justice System and Criminology. You can read more about the host on his LinkedIn profile

About the session


What's covered in this session

  • University selection process

  • Summary of the application process

  • UM Holland-High Potential Scholarships 

  • Application requirements for the scholarships 

  • CV building 

  • Emphasis on grades by Maastricht 

  • Drafting the letter of motivation 

  • Obtaining a letter of recommendation 

  • Whether Maastricht offers financial aid?

  • Employment opportunities after graduation

  • Issues in interning with the International Criminal Court 

  • Living expenses in the Hague 

  • Staying back in Maastricht to search for jobs 

  • Career prospects in India after getting an LLM

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