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Previous sessions for University of Oxford

Hosted by Jyothsna Gurumurthy. Jyothsna completed her undergraduate studies from NALSAR, Hyderabad in 2019, after which she graduated with a BCL from Oxford in 2020. She has been admitted to the D.Phil. programme at Oxford for 2021-2022. You can read more about the host on her LinkedIn profile

About the session


What's covered in this session

  • Selecting universities for your LLM

  • Jyothsna's university shortlist 

  • Application requirements for a BCL at Oxford

  • Getting a letter of recommendation from another university's professor 

  • Using the same letter of recommendation for different applications 

  • How to write the personal statement 

  • Demonstrating that you meet the selection criteria 

  • Dos and Donts for the personal statement 

  • Questions to be answered in the personal statement 

  • How to approach the written work (legal essay) 

  • What is a "legal topic" for the written work? 

  • Selecting the written work to be submitted 

  • Formatting the written work 

  • Avoiding plagiarism in the written work 

  • Editing previously published written work 

  • Building your CV

  • Demonstrating academic achievements without gold medals 

  • Writing internships details in the CV 

  • How many publications are required for your BCL application? 

  • Role of internships in the application 

  • Minimum grades required for Oxford 

  • Profile review

  • Should your CV focus on only one area of law? 

  • Relevance of a letter of recommendation from an internship coordinator

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